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I'm extraordinarily excited for new Battlestar Galactica tonight. I can't wait! Plus I get to set my ass down and watch the whole marathon of season 4.0 leading to the new 4.5 after I'm done with class at one. Hell yes.

All I know is that I DO NOT want the final Cylon to be Ellen Tigh (gag me), Dee (bo-ring), or Cally (gag me AND bo-ring). Also, I would feel very 'meh' about it being either Zarek or Gaeta because they've never really interested me all that much. I want the 5th to be someone I like. Because...I love the frakin' Cylons!

Although Kara and Baltar would be ridiculously obvious picks, I still wouldn't be disappointed if it were one of them. I also wouldn't be disappointed with Roslin, or either of the Adamas. Even Zak Adama could be acceptable depending on how they explained it. I also wouldn't mind Billy (miss him!) or Eloisha if they were explained in a cool way.

And if it turns out the entire living population, human and Cylon, are actually ALL cylon, I'm cool with that too. Everything just needs to be explained in AWESOME WAYS.

9 hours.

For the record: I personally do not think it will be Ellen , Dee, Cally, or Zarek.
It might be Gaeta, but I doubt it.
It might be Baltar, though it's more probable he fulfills some sort of Jesus Christ prophecy.
It might be Papa Adama and it might be Roslin.
I don't think it's Kara, I think she's something a reincarnated Lord of Kobol.
I don't think it's Lee, he's too pure.
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Britney: Circus Fireworks


Nothing happened on New Years Eve...Or New Years Day. And I don't really care. I had a pretty good New Year. Right now I'm sitting with my family playing games. Tomorrow is the big day. The big family cousins party. It will be legen....wait for it....dary. Yeah, I've started watching HIMYM too. Whatever.
Mraz: Heart

Writer's Block: Top 10

It's the time of year for "10 Best" lists. What's on your personal 10 Best—events, movies, music, anything—list for 2008?

My Ten Best...Everything!

10. Futurama: The Beast With a Billion Backs.

9. We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things by Jason Mraz.

8. My apartment/dorm room FINALLY being completely clean and organized and decorated.

7. Meeting Tim Gunn.

6. Officially becoming a Junior in college. (I've got 3 semesters left I believe.)

5. Meeting Mia Kirshner.

4. Circus by Britney Spears. And her entire comeback.

3. Getting a car again. Even if it has no heat or air conditioning.

2. Barack Obama being elected the next President!

1. Jason Mraz concerts! Along with freezing roadtrip to Milwaukee! And, of course, talking to him again.
Mraz: Heart

Back to Black

Well, I'm back to my forever banner and default icon. Had to show the Obama lovin' for a bit. But it always comes back to the man.

Speaking of the man...
It's been exactly a month since I saw him. I miss him. He was like, "You've got a great energy. I was digging your energy all night," while a random chick snapped this shot...

I had this as my desktop background and went to tech support at school and the guy who helped me was like, "Is that Jason Mraz?" I'm like, "Yeah, totally." And he's all, "He's just as ugly in person." I was like, "Ahhhhhhh HELL NAW!" He's lucky I'm a peaceful girl and didn't pop him one.

And here's 3 nights concerts worth of shots in a big-ass slide-show...

Tomorrow I'll post some of the video I took. I wish I could find a site that would allow over 100mb of video to be uploaded for free. I recorded the full performance of 'Mary Jane' the second night and I'd love to upload it and share it, but I can't find a site. :(

Anyway, I know I let things go too long before putting them up. But what can I say? School and being in the hospital take up time. Tomorrow I'll tell stories too. :)
House: V-fib

Hospital song.

Man, being stuck in the hospital really sucks.

You're poked and prodded and pricked and stabbed like a human pincushion for countless tests and labs which they don't even make it a point to tell you the point of, let alone the outcomes.

Then of course there's the hospital clothes. Basically the exact things you wear in prison except these jumpsuits are a soothing shade of baby blue as opposed to your typical jail fellow blazing orange. They probably should have put me in orange since I'm contemplating my escape from here to be carried through in only minutes.

Surprisingly enough though, the hospital food has been pleasantly food-like, which is always welcome.

I'm pretty sure someone in a room next to mine died last night. A slow, orchestrated version of 'Rockabye baby' played over the hospital speakers. I can't imagine what else that would have signified but someone dying. It was eerie.

The worst part about hospitals though is the waiting. It's like they have their very own space-time continuum where somehow everything slows to at least half the time of the outside world. In hospitals it takes around an hour for a message to be relayed, two or so hours for a medicine to be ordered, around four hours to write a prescription, and a seeming five to six hours, maybe more, to write on a piece of paper "discharge patient."

"Discharge patient"...The two most magical words in the English language right now.

I've got a Mraz concert to be to in 3 hours for the love of Mr.A-Z!
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My Little Town

Last week when I got back to Winona from home this was waiting on my bed from my best friend Troy...
A little Smirnoff in every flavor, a liter of Stoli Gold, a night-light, and Whoppers. What a great surprise!

When I was home for my birthday there was a Robin Williams sighting downtown Minneapolis...
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Sunny: Day Man


1. I bought some "Absinthe."  Like, the fake kind thats legal in the U.S, and therefore, FAKE. But it's DE-LI-CIOUS! It tastes JUST LIKE my favorite candy Good 'n' Plenty, which yes, I am aware that almost everyone else HATES. I love it. <3

2. I hate college. I never thought it possible to hate one thing so, so much. "Best time of my life," my big fat white ass!

3. I wish I was the stem-celled clone of Karen Walker, aka Anastasia Beaverhousen. It'd be awesome.

4. There is a HUGE dead Pigeon directly outside the back door at my apartment complex. How in the FUCK did it get there?? I mean, right there as you open the door. It's placed suspiciously like someone put it there for someone to step on. SICK.

5. The new season of Sunny has not dissappointed thus far. Sure, it's only been 2 episodes, but man, I want it inside me. LOL

6. Homecoming is lame.

7. Troy and I are looking into this for our spring break. It's cheap enough! Anyone else want to go? Anyone stayed here? Is it decent?

8. I'm getting more of my hair cut off again as soon as financial aid comes.

9. Financial aid better come soon!

10. I'll be 25 in 4 days!! Golden birthday bitches!
    (Elise! Want to come home to the cities with me for my B-day weekend? We're going to do fun junk...)